Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving...

Anyhow, just had an awesome thing happen, so I'd share! I called a restaurant I ate at a few months ago in Fullerton called Brannigans, (and still can't the dish out of my head - it was that amazing) to ask for the name and menu description of what I'd ordered in hopes I could re-create it somehow. Out of pure, "why not?" fashion, I thought I'd try asking for the recipe though I really doubted they'd give it to me. Anyhow, the gal went back to ask the chef, and apparently out of "the spirit of Thanksgiving and therefore good food" he did! I am on Cloud 9! Yes, I realize I'm a dork, but I love good food and I love to cook. =)

Therefore, to all of you - I can only say that I hope you all have a very safe, happy, and yummy Thanksgiving! Despite my crazy family, I know I will! After all, I'm taking the wine and a Chocolate Cream Pie, how could it not? =)