Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hershey's "Chocolate Bliss" / Birthday Party

I discovered when I went to a Neutrogena party hosted by a friend. Basically the deal is big companies choose to sponsor parties to get the word of mouth going for a new product. You apply to "host" a party, and if you get selected, they send you all the free swag to do it. I had applied for several of them, but had never gotten picked. However, my love of chocolate must have leapt off the pages and I was chosen to host a party for Hershey's newest line of Chocolates, "Hershey's Bliss".

Since the party had to be done between April 25-27, I decided to make it a birthday party too and invite a bunch of girlfriends over for fun, wine, and of course, chocolate. The box o' goodies arrived about a week before the party and I had the hardest time keeping my fingers out of it (AKA I didn't) - the 3 flavors they sent (dark, milk, and "melt-aways") were all incredible.

Anyhow, the evening finally arrived. It was a good group of friends, just enough to feel really cozy, but not be too crowded. (Thanks to all of you who came - it was so much fun!)

I made dinner, chocolatini's and gift bags...

We tried to play an "I Love the 80's game, but it was REALLY hard! Perhaps we would've been better off with "I love the 90's"... hmmm...

Best of all, it was loads of fun and there was chocolate left over!